Doyle Coffin Architecture provides comprehensive service and support:

Complete Project Support | A fundamental aspect of our business is supporting our clients throughout the life of the project, from the first meeting in which the initial idea is expressed through planning, design documents and ultimately through the final stages of construction.  We work with a full spectrum of clients, from residential homeowners to elected officials, business owners, commercial management teams, CEOs and church planning committees to meet objectives, discuss alternatives and produce architectural designs that meet multiple goals.  We are adept at understanding the varied concerns of our clients and developing comprehensive solutions.

Programming | We begin each project with the critical gathering of information related to the assignment.  We review the mission’s details and understand the client’s objectives by meeting with them and carefully listening and understanding their goals.  We gather all necessary background information and ask pertinent questions to help define the clients’ aspirations, aesthetic inclinations and priorities.  Our goal is to understand the history of the family, congregation or business, the current project and objectives as intimately as if the project were our own.  Listening and understanding at the outset is a key element in building a successful and effective architect-client relationship.

Research | Detailed information related to the project is carefully collected in order to move forward with design and development.  This includes land surveys, site studies, assessment of existing conditions and zoning regulations, reviewing variance needs, evaluating historic relevance and meeting with town officials as needed.  The magnitude of this research is dependent on the scale and type of project on the boards.

Planning and Project Development | Key elements of our role during the design of a project include:
  • Develop preliminary plans including an outline of space requirements and  initial budgeting
  • Confirm aesthetic goals and programming specifications
  • Produce diagrammatic drawings and site layout diagrams
  • Prepare detailed floor plans and assess materials including those meeting sustainable design objectives
  • Assess land use, water, sewage, wetlands, and soil strength requirements
  • Review applicable building, fire codes and zoning regulations 
  • Evaluate design goals and existing facilities, develop schematic design documents including diagrammatic site plans, floor plans and complete elevations
  • Prepare design development drawings to obtain accurate pricing 
  • Engage structural, mechanical, electrical, civil and plumbing engineers, landscape architects and/or interior design consultants
  • Produce construction documents, or blueprints, with dimensional and detailed specifications that direct the contractor on what to bid and what to build
  • Prepare final contracts for bidding.
  • Advise clients on available contractors whose skills and experience are well suited to their project and who may best help them meet their construction goals in terms of design, timing and budget
  • Answer contractor questions as they arise and issue clarifying drawings as required
  • Review bids as they are received and walk through the proposals with our clients
  • Prepare the AIA Owner/Contractor Agreement
  • Represent and advocate for you during construction by assisting with building permit applications and reviewing the contractors’ submittals for proposed building materials
  • Visit the construction site to ensure that work is proceeding in compliance with the architectural plans and review payment requisitions and change orders
  • Supply design services to help you select colors, coordinate kitchen and other design work as requested
  • Conduct a final site visit, oversee remaining payment requests and ensure the work receives municipal approval

At Doyle Coffin Architecture, we stand with you every step of the way, from the inception of a design idea to the day you move into your new space, ensuring your vision is fulfilled into a structure that is real, livable and satisfying.  We seek to work collaboratively with you during each stage of the process to ensure as smooth a construction operation as possible and an ultimate execution of the design plans that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.